Governing Council

Aldgate Primary School Governing Council is committed to providing a positive, proactive voice on behalf of the school community.

Our role is to:

  • set the broad direction of the school after considering student, parent, staff and community input
  • develop policies which match the school’s vision
  • monitor the school budget

Governing Council is comprised of 10 elected members of the school community, plus the principal and a staff representative. Meetings are held twice per term and our AGM is held every February. Elected members serve for two-year terms. All members of the school community are welcome to attend Governing Council meetings, however only elected members have voting rights.

Governing Council sub-committees oversee five key areas:

  • Finance
  • School development (including policies)
  • Out of School Hours Care
  • Parent Network

Again, members of the school community are welcome to attend sub-committee meetings. Major issues to be discussed (everything from which trees to plant in the school grounds to the school’s uniform policy) are regularly promoted in the school newsletter.

2020 Governing Council positions

Chairperson: Brioney Hirst
Vice Chairperson: Mark Osterstock
Treasurer: Mark Osterstock
Secretary: Mark Tucker
For information and contact details on Governing Council or our sub-committees, please contact the front office on 08 8339 2377 or